Swedish postalcodes suitable for parcel, package and freight deliveries.

Contains only the postcode that goes to "normal" addresses. Boxes, customer specific postcodes, administrative postcodes etc. are not included in this file.

The file is used to check that a swedish postal code is "valid" for package/goods, parcel and freight shipments/deliveries. Only postcodes that holds regular swedish addresses are included in this file.

The last column in the file specifies which address types that exists within the postcode (read more under "File specification").

NOTE! This file specifies the postcode that most packages / freight distributors usually accepts as a valid "delivery postcode". However, it is always your logistics provider that ultimately decides whether an address is a valid shipping address or not.

Just by looking at a swedish postcode you can easily prevent the the most serious errors.

The file does not contain all of Sweden's postcode, only about 10 000 of a total of about 17 000.

Each row in the file holds a postcode with associated locality, county- and municipality information. In some cases a postcode crosses both municipality- and county borders. This means that those postcodes appears on more lines than one.

Detailed information

  •  Address types

    Information and explanation of the address type codes found in this file.

  •  Terms and conditions

    General terms and conditions applicable when purchasing files and services from Postnummerservice Norden AB.

 Payment through invoice - Net 30 days

 Immediate delivery - You get access to the files and services you order directly.


  • Art.no
  • Number of rows
    est 11 000 st
  • Example files


  • Weekly
    52 deliveries / year
    51 800 SEK
  • Monthly
    12 deliveries / year
    25 500 SEK
  • Quarterly
    4 deliveries / year
    12 800 SEK
  • Yearly
    1 delivery / year
    4 600 SEK
  • Single delivery
    4 600 SEK

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