All postalcodes and localities (city/town) in Sweden with information on what types of addresses that are within the postcode.

About the file

Can be used in particular to:

  • Determine if the postcode is appropriate for package / freight / parcel deliveries or just regular post/letters.
  • If a postcode is a valid Swedish postcode (all of Sweden's current postal codes are included in the file).
  • Being a proven track record of all existing postcodes in Sweden.
  • Understanding what kind of addresses you'll find within a swedish postcode (Box, administrative, companies with own postcodes).
  • See if a postcode has both boxes and ordinary addresses or just one of them.

The file includes swedish postcodes with the assosciated post locality in combination with information on what kind of underlying adresses that exists within that postcode.

Note that the address types are not linked to the postal code which is easy to believe. In many cases, a postcode is used for several different types of addresses.

The address type is linked to the address numbering range (NOT postcode). The content of this file is therefore changed as soon as there are changes in what kind of addresses that are linked to a postal code and if there is no change at the postcode or city level.

About "pure" postcodes

A "pure" postcode is a postalcode which only has one type of address. The majority of the postalcodes that has post office box addresses in them are a "pure postcode" but there are exceptions. One postcode can have both regular addresses and PO boxes.

When a postcode is set for a swedish address one strive to keep different address types separated so that post boxes, administrative addresses and regular addresses are kept apart in separate postcodes.

Mainly in small towns, there are, however, occations where a single postcode is used for several different types of addresses. This shouldn't be a major problem even if you want to filter out postcodes valid for package/delivery/parcels.

A tip

To find out which postcode that has addresses that's normally accepted for package deliveries and parcels you can filter out postcodes that has address types AT (urban address) or AL (rural addresses).

Detailed information

  •  Column types

    Explanation of what kind of data certain columns in this file holds.

  •  Address types

    Information and explanation of the address type codes found in this file.

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